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See you at GameHole Con XI October, 2024.

The Java Series

All your coffee, cocktail, and casual needs are met with these two robust offerings. Whether you select our Stout, with a dizzying vault depth and pull out storage.


Or, you choose our Smuggler, a gorgeous sleek coffee table with a hidden game vault, jam packed with the world's finest coffee selections, you will be ready to entertain in the comfort of your own living room

The Stout

A coffee table with unrivaled storage

The stout is a giant when it comes to storage, with the capacity to fit a 50 inch flat screen TV or  blankets, remote controls, book, magazine, board game or stash of Lego’s. You will never be found lacking. Equipped to easily satisfy your casual game group with 6 dice trays and 6 cup holders.


Table top is 52 inches long by 36 wide, ​Internal game vault measures 48" long, 32" wide, and 6" inches deep, choose your height at 16 or 22 inches tall, with dual storage drawers for each side you will be ready to game at a moments notice and with 15 colors to choose from you will be able to match or compliment any family or living room. 

Comes fully equipped* for $3,250.00

Custom Color / Distress Level / Custom Art
Call for Details (651) 442-6650

The Smuggler

A coffee table to match any decor

The Smuggler, designed from our Rendezvous dining tables shares the sleek profile, hidden vault, and dripless table leaves. If board games, puzzles, card games or back to the basics RPG’s are your thing this is the perfect coffee table for you.


Equipped with 6 mini dice trays and 6 cup holders. Upon arrival your Smuggler will be filled with some of the Worlds best Smugglers coffee!

The Smuggler, like our dining tables comes in 3 naturally finished Hardwood choices, Cherry, Black Walnut, and Maple.


The top of your Smuggler is 48 inches long and 32 inches wide, with a removable top you may access the ​Internal game vault that measures 41 inches long, 20 inches wide, and at a depth of 2 ¾ to 3 ½ inches is a great choice for board gamers and puzzlers!


Choose your height at 16 or 22 inches tall. An elegant solution for any sitting room!

Comes fully equipped* at $7,250.00

Custom Color / Distress Level / Custom Art
Call for Details (651) 442-6650

Comes fully equipped* for $3,500.00

The Expression

The Pinnacle of our Relationship Series

By adding an additional leaf to your Consideration table you will have reached the ultimate level of Expression. With a game vault hidden underneath our dripless table top you will have plenty of gaming enjoyment available before and after every meal.This leaf increases the length of your table top and your gaming vault to their maximum, at the same time!  

​You have reached the pinnacle of the Rendezvous series, The Expression!


Table top with both add-on leaves now measures 96 inches by 48 inches with an ​Internal game vault of 90 inches long, 41 inches wide, and 2 ¾ to 3 ½  inches deep.

~Includes~ two additional dripless leafs to go over the top locking between your existing leaves and double “Fit-Right” removable accessory rails, 2 more mini dice trays, and 2 additional cup holders.

Perfect for entertaining up to 10 hungry travelers no matter their interests. Whether it's RPG & Minis use, Board Games, Puzzles, or Card Games - Your

Dining experience will not be compromised! 

Add and Customize your accessories by adding artwork, personalization, differing styles and finish (Additional costs may apply)

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