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See you at GameHole Con XI October, 2024.


For more than a decade we have been focused on handcrafting dreams into reality. Whether that is to immerse your players in otherworldly places, have a grand dining table you can game in, or to simply enjoy a coffee, tea, or game in the comfort of your living room, we are here for you. 


We have created many gorgeous tables in our storied history, it’s time to focus on yours. Join our Hammered family today, and give everyone a place at your table.

Table Tops

Legs & Sides

Player Stations &
Dice Trays

Add Battle scars, Claw marks, carved names and symbols to any level!

Add 100 years

Add 80 years

Add 40 years

Multiple Finishes, Stains & Colors

Handcrafted Distress Levels

Custom Burned Artwork

Tavern Finish - Our most visually striking finish. We utilize a variant of the Sho sugi ban technique, using fire to darken the sweeping grain. Removing the burn from the spring grains allows us to apply any color you choose.

Lords Finish - Hand finished lacquer surface in a wide array of colors to match any style. The ultimate in lordly luxury.

Add 20 years

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