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See you at GameHole Con XI October, 2024.

Let us know what you are dreaming of in a Dining, Gaming or Coffee table. Please select one of the following, then select wood type/size where applicable.

Interested in the TAVERN SERIES Table? Please make ONE selection below.

Select Tavern Table Size
Pub - Single Section
Alehouse - Two Section
Rathskeller - Three section
Innkeeper - Four Section

Interested in the STOUT COFFEE Table? Please make ONE selection below.

Select Stout Coffee Table
Stout Coffee Table

Interested in the ACCOMODATION DINING ROOM GAME Table? Please make ONE WOOD selection below. You may also select ADDITIONAL LEAVES.

Select Wood Option for Accomodation
Mahogany *
Black Walnut **
Select Additional Leaves for Accomodation
Add One16"Leaf (in chosen wood)
Add Two 16" Leaves (in chosen wood)

Interested in the SMUGGLERS COFFEE Table? Please make ONE WOOD selection below.

Select Smugglers Coffee Wood choice
Mahogany *
Black Walnut **
Custom Wood and Color

* Mahogany symbolizes strength and resilience, it is considered one of the most luxurious and beautiful woods in the world and has one of the most distinctive appearances with its rich, red-brown tones and hints of flame.

** Black Walnut symbolizes the link between the past and present. Its rich color and exquisite grain has made it the favored choice for crafting high-quality, heirloom pieces. Black walnut furniture has been a symbol of sophistication and Legacy since the Victorian age.

To RESET the form, refresh your browser and make new selections. A representative will reach out shortly to confirm the details of the table you have selected.

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